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Wejungo™ is one of California's leading management consulting firms, specializing in talent management and recruiting solutions. We are committed to creating success together™ by partnering with start-ups, small and mid-size businesses to help improve how they attract, engage, hire, develop and retain their most important assets…their people. Wejungo™ supports companies by developing innovative processes and strategies that promote THE RIGHT FIT - getting the right people with the right skills, in the right jobs now and for the future.

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Latest News from Wejungo™ Network
  • Raise money for your business
    Hey small business owners and those looking to get started, have you heard of crowdfunding... well let us tell you...crowdfunding is a fairly new fundraising method where monetary contributions are made by a large group of people to a cause,
  • Leadership and Management - Become Leader of the Best
    Microsoft founder, Bill Gates once said, The worst thing about an average employee is not the mistakes he makes. The worst thing is that he is taking up space that could be occupied by someone phenomenal. We couldnt agree more with Mr. Gates.
  • Make Success Your Choice
    Success is a choice. And know that it is a guarantee that you will absolutely experience challenges and setbacks along the way AND if you live by these five principles you will always make the success your choice...
  • How Good Is Your Writing For Your Small Business
    If you are a thriving small business, and are a small business that exists in this day in age, then you must recognize the importance of writing. The relationship between writing and business goes hand in hand. It is nearly impossible to convey the message of your business (who you are, what you do, why you exist) without the necessity of words.
  • Keep Your Small Business Financially Sound
    If you are a small business, you most certainly did not go into business JUST for the money. You turned your passion into a business. You took doing what you love to the next level. However, you and I both know a business cannot be sustained without adequate revenue. So were going to explore some ideas surrounding your business and how to stay on top financially.
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