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Wejungo™ is a management consulting firm committed to creating success together™ by helping small businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs who are phenomenal at what they do AND who are in need of new business strategies and marketing direction. We continue to develop innovative resources, identify solutions and introduce methods and systems that result in measurable, sustainable improvements for YOUR small business.  Through Wejungo™ Network we build, create, design and expand – joining people, planet and profits together to uncover new business opportunities for YOU.

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Latest News from Wejungo™ Network
  • Find out what is Your Company's Most Valuable Asset
  • IGNORE Your Target Market And GET CUSTOMERS
  • Motivation Monday: Make Happiness A Choice
    Motivation Monday: Make Happiness A Choice Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be . . .
  • Keep Your Head Up! 5 Ways to Stay Motivated as a Small Business Owner
    Think back to when you started your business. Remember the passion you felt in wanting to turn your dream into reality. The day-to-day hum drum has taken its toll and youre searching for ways to rekindle the spark that created this business, your love.Here are 5 tips to build up that passion again:
  • Time Management for Small Business Owners
    Time Management for Small Business Owners - Ever heard of 9 day weeks and 32 hour days... Yeah, us either. But I can bet if youre a small business owner, you may have wished for these days from time to time. Multiple polls of small business owners surveyed revealed that small business owners believe each productive hour in a day is worth around $500. With that being said, we all know time is valuable. Time is money.
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