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Wejungo™ is a management consulting firm committed to creating success together™ by helping small businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs who are phenomenal at what they do AND who are in need of new business strategies and marketing direction. We continue to develop innovative resources, identify solutions and introduce methods and systems that result in measurable, sustainable improvements for YOUR small business.  Through Wejungo™ Network we build, create, design and expand – joining people, planet and profits together to uncover new business opportunities for YOU.

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Latest News from Wejungo™ Network
  • Make Success Your Choice
  • How Good Is Your Writing For Your Small Business
    If you are a thriving small business, and are a small business that exists in this day in age, then you must recognize the importance of writing. The relationship between writing and business goes hand in hand. It is nearly impossible to convey the message of your business (who you are, what you do, why you exist) without the necessity of words.
  • Keep Your Small Business Financially Sound
    If you are a small business, you most certainly did not go into business JUST for the money. You turned your passion into a business. You took doing what you love to the next level. However, you and I both know a business cannot be sustained without adequate revenue. So were going to explore some ideas surrounding your business and how to stay on top financially.
  • What Your Small Business is Saying Online
    If you are running a small business during this new millennium technological explosion, you should definitely have a website. According to research, there are many, many small businesses who dont take advantage of building an online presence.
  • 7 Simple Ways to Keep You and Your Small Business Organized
    Like many of us, Im sure you find its easy to become overwhelmed with all the demands of your small business. By allocating a little bit of time to get organized you may be able to have a better grasp of your small business (and everything else).
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